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Secure SDLC and DevSecOps 

Agile development demands continuous security across the SDLC. Automate and integrate application security assessment for faster and safer releases.

Implementing a secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) requires a great deal of investment, time, and effort for any organization. This means ensuring complete security coverage of the DevOps workflow. Outpost24's application security testing (AST) tools are designed to simplify DevSecOps in this comprehensive approach and automate the process.

How Outpost24 Secures the SDLC

Product: Secure Code Warrior

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Developer Training

Fun and interactive training to arm your developers with in depth knowhow to write secure code from the start and save your business time and money from security issues down the line

Product: DefenseCode

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Static Code Analysis

Scan millions of source code lines and automate complex code inspection at speed to eliminate software vulnerabilities like XSS without the need for security domain knowledge

Product: Cloudsec Inspect

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Container Inspection

Containerized applications can leave your DevOps vulnerable and open to hidden threats. Automate container configuration and composition analysis to reduce opensource risks

Product: APIsec

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API Security Testing

Uncover API risks in your web services with security checks against critical data access controls including Role-based access control and Attribute-based access control on a continuous basis

Product: Scale

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Dynamic Application Scan 

Automate blackbox testing to identify vulnerabilities in OWASP top 10 and configuration mistakes in running applications to help you stay compliant and nimble across the SDLC

Product: Snapshot

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Penetration Testing

Reduces the time and cost in scoping pen tests for your applications. Our on-demand model streamlines the procurement process without compromising on quality on the test results

Product: Cloudsec Inspect

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Multi Cloud Security

Secure your multicloud workloads and detect security violations against CIS compliance benchmarks with a single view of your cloud security posture and integrated vulnerability scan

Product: SWAT

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Continuous Testing

When it's business critical we offer the most complete application security testing process with 4x pen tests  and continuous monitoring to reduce vulnerabilities in live applications

"We rely on the expertise Outpost24 provides through the easy to use interface and helps educate our team on vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend continual testing if you have a high frequency of releases – it’s hugely beneficial in mitigating risk without slowing development." 

John Hixon, R&D Director, Cezanne HR

What can our AST tools and pen tests discover?

Testing coverage between our application security testing solutions

  • OWASP TOP 10 2017
  • Common Vulnerabilities
  • 24/7 monitoring and coverage
  • Verification and expert guidance
  • Production safety
  • Support

More Information about SDLC

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