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Don’t just get more information about your cyber exposure. Know what to do with it.
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Full Stack Security Products & Services
We don’t think it’s fair that cybercriminals are preying on your business. As a leading cyber assessment company, we’re on a mission to help our customers tighten their cyber exposure before their business can be disrupted. Our hands-on, experienced team of ethical hackers has built a series of tools to give you greater confidence, efficiency and a clearer view of your security posture throughout your entire stack of infrastructure.

If you are moving workloads to the cloud, or deploying containerized applications, you need a new paradigm to assess cyber security risks. Our innovative tools take a different approach than traditional scanning solutions, so can be more efficient in discovery and assessment.
Cost and time are the two biggest drivers in your app security testing. To balance those drivers, we’ve created several tools to meet your specific business needs and transition to DevSecOps

Increasingly complex networks grow the number of publicly known vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Management tools shift your data and asset protection to be proactive – keeping your intellectual property and brand reputation safe.
Outpost24 has prebuilt compliance checks that are fast to set up and run in your infrastructure while being customizable to fit your needs. And whether you’re working with CIS, NESA or PCI – Outpost24 is thorough in their checks to give you the greatest confidence in knowing that you can be protected.
Maintaining an in-depth understanding of your organization’s security level can be time-consuming and complex.

Manual testing by experienced and knowledgeable ethical hackers brings an element of human intelligence to your security efforts and simulates the thinking and logic used by cybercriminals.
Managed Services allow you to quickly and easily adopt a full stack security assessment program with full support from our technical experts, so that you can focus on your core business.

We act as an extension of your team and partner with your organization throughout the initial implementation, scanning and reporting, to help remediation activities. As your organization establishes processes and adopts best practices, we offer ultimate flexibility and empower you to identify and manage your cyber exposure internally.

"Thanks to Outpost24 we now know our vulnerabilities and risks so we can act on them today"

Jan Rubingh
Group IT Director at CED Holding

Web Application Security
Tech evolves at a high-octane pace. Ensure your app security keeps up.
Network Security
Maintaining an in-depth understanding of your organization’s security level can be time consuming and complex.
Cloud and Container Security
Protect your Iaas, container and virtualized infrastructure security
PCI DSS Compliance
Credit payments are quick and hassle-free. Compliance checks should be too.
Penetration Services
Manual testing by experienced and knowledgeable ethical hackers
Managed Services
Outpost24 Managed Services help organizations achieve Vulnerability Management Success

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