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Autumn 2020 Product Release

Learn about the new product features of our Autumn release including Network Security and DS Agents to help you manage vulnerabilities more effectively and automate security hygiene across the full technology stack with less effort
autumn product release

New Features

Data Sovereign (DS) Agents (Beta)

With the recent change in working practices with less people situated in an office, there has been a need to ensure that our customers can still get the security information about their endpoints. We earlier released the Outpost24 Agent and are now happy to announce the Beta of our Data Sovereign (DS) Agent.

The standard Agent reports its information back to Outscan, so no matter where in the world that endpoint is located, if it has an Internet connection, you can be assured of its ability to report back its vulnerability information. Unfortunately, for some customers they have regulatory requirements where all data must stay within the confines of their environment. The DS Agent solves this by ensuring that the Agent communicates back to an Endpoint in the customers infrastructure.

If the DS Agent is of interest to your organization, please contact your Outpost24 sales representative who will be able to arrange a call with one of our Sales Engineers to discuss the requirements in more detail.

Please note, to support the DS Agent, some additional infrastructure is needed, specifically a server to run the Agent API server(s) and access to Object Storage to store the resulting Data. The Scheduling and reporting are, however, still maintained through the HIAB

Network security

  • Enforced update refusal policy for HIAB if not updated for long time
  • It is now possible to share customized report text with sub-users
  • Added support for SHA-2 hash algorithm for signing to improve the security for SAML integrations
  • Added detection for Oracle VM Server
  • Replaced HIAB backup encryption with customer-specific key
  • Added vulnerability detection for CVE-2020-6287 SAP NetWeaver (escalated release Oct 13th)


  • Added trend for fixed vulnerabilities
  • Added area chart for findings trend
  • Added user roles and resource groups for integrations to IAM view (HIAB only)
  • Added table widget
  • Added configuration options for Object Storage and Agent Server to support the Data Sovereign Agent configuration


  • Moved release notes update from xmlapi
  • Added created to /outscan/findings
  • Added firstSeen to /outscan/targets
  • Created REST API endpoint to run ruleengine
  • Added lastSeen to /outscan/targets
  • Added REST API endpoint to enroll customer services
  • Added cyrating to /outscan/findings
  • Added cyratingDelta to /outscan/findings
  • Added assetExposed to /outscan/findings
  • Added assetBusinessCriticality to /outscan/findings
  • Added cyrating to /findings
  • Added cyratingDelta to /findings
  • Added cyratingUpdated to /outscan/findings
  • Added cyratingUpdated to /findings
  • Added cvssV3Severity to /outscan/findings
  • Added cvssV3Severity to /checks
  • Added softwareComponent to /findings
  • Added softwareComponent to /checks
  • Added cyratingUpdated to /checks


Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements


  • Fixed source of findings on Portal Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with the Portal UI where it would not load correctly in some browsers
  • Fixed Tag filter ignoring integer values
  • Fixed bar graphs where the visible parts of the bar extended outside the screen, even if the value is low in relation to the scale
  • Hide add integrations button when all integrations have been created
  • Added hint for URL in integrations

Network security

  • Fixed exception in scheduling service which could result in scans getting stuck in an undetermined state
  • Improved validation of email addresses
  • Increased Added informational message and increased timeout when importing a large backup
  • Fixed error which occasionally occurred when saving a report
  • Fixed an issue when sorting Agents by Last synchronized
  • Fixed an error which may occur when deleting agents from schedules
  • Fixed an issue with using the JIRA integration for freshly enrolled HIABs
  • Fixed an error which occurred when starting compliance update
  • Fixed an issue with sorting findings on the number of comments
  • Fixed an error message which may occur when downloading reports
  • Improvements to processes which were locking the database for too long
  • Improved agent retry behavior
  • Fixed use of non-default port in SSH test credentials
  • Fixed an issue for updating last seen when importing report
  • Improved enrollment process for HIAB
  • Fixed sorting of managed reports
  • Improved remote support
  • Increased SMTP timeout
  • Increased FTP timeout
  • Minor improvements in Splunk integration
  • Improved authenticated scans report with SUSE backporting
  • Added backport detection for Cisco UCCX
  • Added new field drop down menu in credentials
  • Improved behavior on filters for specific protocols in order to not trigger alarms
  • Fixed error messages when failing to email reports
  • Fixed "PGP key is needed" message, while report is empty
  • Fixed Rules version Missing from "About" page
  • Fixed Latest image (2020-09-23) for Hyper-V where it was not possible to download logs
  • Improved speed fetching of data for batch starting scans
  • Improved Scanless (SLS) scheduling and Agent SLS
  • Improved implementation of multiple SMB domain scanning
  • Added Agent version to bug reporting for easier issue resolution
  • Fixed detecting OpenVPN product
  • Fixed delta information case for virtual host name
  • Fixed decryption issues with certificate on xmlapi and server
  • Fixed Out of memory error when requesting findings through REST API (Outscan-findings)
  • Fixed Agent Windows installer with a second drive with more free space
  • Fixed Filtering on updated does not work
  • Fixed Scheduling service starts normal scan on "Run discovery scan only"
  • Fixed API Key Disclosure false positive
  • Fixed Cisco parser when comparing versions
  • Fixed Features not synced when offline enrolling HIAB
  • Fixed Internal server error when cannot access Docker repository
  • Fixed detection of redhat samba
  • Fixed CVE-2020-0689 patch solution pulled back by Microsoft
  • Fixed CyberArk - Bulk Set Authentication issues
  • Fixed Scheduled scans not starting
  • Fixed Outscan - Private API Key exposure False Positive
  • Fixed Office 2019 detection and some false positives
  • Updated solution for patches pulled by Microsoft
  • Added detection for Cisco Jabber (RCE Zero-Day)
  • Added windows 10 2004 build number to scripts
  • Added detection to CVE-2020-1472 (Zerologon)

Aplication security

  • Fixed Selenium side authentication no longer limited by scope
  • Fixed setting the attacked IP to resolution without looking at hostmap in Scale
  • Fixed Scale scans which seem to restart
  • Improved Selenium input box UI
  • Fixed handling of unlimited scale apps
  • Improve detection of jQuery
  • Removed Scale findings from SWAT findings endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed customers in some scenarios, to scan more applications than their maximum license count when using Appsec Scale. Any customer who exceeded their license count will not be able to scan new unique applications until their total number of scanned applications is reduced to below the license count. However, customers who have been scanning more unique applications than their license would otherwise be permitted to continue to scan those applications for the next ninety (90) days after the application license count will be fully enforced preventing any overage from being scanned. We recommend customers check their license usage in the Portal, and should they discover they have been scanning more assets than licenses we recommend they contact their Outpost24 sales representative to discuss the matter

Cloud security

  • Reset checkbox after choosing Docker images to scan when creating config.
  • Fixed AWS Foundations Benchmark - 3.x check fai

End of Life Announcement

Elastic Workload Protector (EWP)

  • Official End of Life date: 30th September 2020. 
  • Official End of Support date: 31st December 2020.

HIAB Network Monitor

  • Official End of Life date: 31st October 2020
  • Official End of Support date: 31st January 2021


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