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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services
Manual testing by experienced and knowledgeable ethical hackers brings an element of human intelligence to your security efforts, and simulates the thinking and logic used by cybercriminals.

Penetration testing and assessment services offered by Outpost24 provide your organization with a clear understanding of your current security level and offer advice on how to further improve defenses.

Manual testing by experienced and knowledgeable ethical hackers brings an element of human intelligence to your security efforts, and simulates the thinking and logic used by cybercriminals.

Outpost24 vulnerability management services cover classic penetration tests as well as the more agile form of scenario-based testing. With both methods, as risks are uncovered, our testers are equipped with the skills and experience to develop custom code and explore these threats in-depth. This culminates in detailed but easy to understand reports covering threats, scenarios and mitigation actions.

Not sure about what type of penetration test you need? Let our expert help you select scope details 

Network & Infrastructure Assessments

Core business processes occur within your network and IT infrastructure; any disruption to these assets could greatly disrupt business continuity. Even if your networks are being scanned, manual testing provides an added element of human intelligence that can have a dramatic impact on your overall level of security.

Outpost24 offers network and infrastructure tests on internal, external and wireless networks. These are manual tests performed by our team using a variety of network penetration techniques and tools. Tests can include either corporate networks or key infrastructure.

Web Application Testing

Web applications are often a point of entry to organizations’ networks and are a clear starting place when looking for gaining access to valuable data.

Outpost24 offers web application security testing ranging from highly automated to in-depth manual penetration testing. Security experts will test for technical flaws like SQL Injections and XSS; and for business logic flaws like for example, entering a negative quantity in a webshop order to explore the outcome. 

Web applications are increasingly complex and they are still often full of custom-developed code and settings. This opens them to a wide range of risks, some of which are logical and others technical. Logical errors require efforts from skilled human testers, and as attacks against web platforms become more well understood, also by attackers, web applications provide an increasing surface for attacks.

Mobile Application Testing

Preparing to introduce a new mobile application as part of your business or marketing mix, or looking to ensure the security of an existing application? Consider having ethical, professional hackers explore for weaknesses in the app before cybercriminals do.

Many companies now include mobile applications as part of their product portfolio or as marketing medium. These applications supplement business processes or offer extended consumer interaction, and often connect to your organizations networks—and may ultimately lead to increased risk exposure for your company or your brand identity.

We have seen that many fundamental security design flaws/mistakes in web applications are re-introduced in the mobile application landscape. Outpost24 security testers analyze mobile applications for classic flaws and mobile-specific security issues. We are trained and experienced in testing applications running on all rich content platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.


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Combine the best of both worlds for speed, accuracy, and depth in an agile DevOps process.
Appsec Scale
Continuously test your applications for faster business results.
PCI Compliance
Credit payments are quick and hassle-free. Compliance checks should be too.
Internal Network Security
Identify vulnerabilities across servers, workstations and other devices connected to the network.
External Network Security
Effectively preventing cyber criminals from penetrating your network.
Cloud and Container Security
Protect your Iaas, container and virtualized infrastructure security
Securing Icelands largest bank from scanning to business risk management
“...when releasing new services Outpost24 will help us to verify and secure that all new functionality is secure and up to date with all security patches.”

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