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News: Why hackers are outsmarting your security defence

Bob Egner, Head of Product
Cyber-criminals have been directing their efforts at cloud silos, leaching off vulnerabilities or poor configurations to illegally extract the data for their own monetary gain by commoditising attack tools.

Yet, we are well past the mid-way point in 2019 and the year has had its fair share of high profiled breaches with Facebook, Capital One and Westpac all suffering. The topic of data breach is and will continue to be a challenge so long as organisations continue to treat security in siloes with point assessment and protection tactics, whilst hackers have already perfected the art of pivoting by gaining foothold in the ‘white space’ in between technology components and using that to build footholds across your systems.

Those that are unlucky enough to suffer a cyber-attack must deal with the consequential economic losses that will often come as a direct result of the attack (stolen finances or drop in share prices) or from the hefty fines that are levied for not adhering to the strict data regulation laws. For example, after failing to meet the requirements of GDPR and suffering data breaches in 2018, British Airways and Marriott hotels were handed fines coming close to £300 million (three percent of annual turnover in Marriott Hotel’s case) as a result of GDPR breaches.

For these reasons alone, it’s essential for organisations to take cyber-security by the horns and effectively secure systems across the entire infrastructure, including networks, applications and cloud services. With businesses seeking new innovative ways to streamline operations while utilising more data and adding layers of technology, gaps in security are appearing, especially in applications and the cloud.

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Why hackers are outsmarting your security defence


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