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News: SCADA vulnerabilities identified by Outpost24 in Swedish state-owned systems ignored by authorities

For almost two years, vulnerabilities identified by Outpost24 in several property management systems in Sweden were left unprotected, leaving it wide open for hackers to gain back door access to critical control systems for housing associations and commercial properties.
The SCADA vulnerabilities in the Honeywell i30-SPC (now owned by Nordomatic AB) along with a number of other control and monitoring systems were originally discovered by our CSO Martin Jartelius and Security Director John Stock, and reported to the authorities back in Spring 2015. Remote attackers could exploit the web-based SCADA flaw by easily obtaining administrative access to the property management system on the internet, which could allow them to take over control for heating, ventilations, fire alarms, and open doors remotely through a web browser at properties ranging from residences to shopping malls.
Manufacturer Honeywell released a patch for the flaw a month after the notification in 2015. Despite being told and reminded about the vulnerabilities over the past two years, the Civil Protection and Emergency Agency (MSB) didn’t address the potential threat until seven state-own properties identified as being vulnerable, including the governor’s residence in Malmö, Kristianstad, Vӓxjö, and Umeå, Sweden, came to media attention this week.
The Swedish State Property Agency, SFV, promptly removed control access from the internet when told by the newspaper. But for several years the vulnerable control systems could have been reached by hackers with moderate skills to bypass password protection and gain back door access. 

More about the SCADA vulnerability in the news:

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