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News: Putting security in context with a risk-based approach

Bob Egner, VP Products
Focus on specific areas where a breach would impact overall bottom line. It might be beneficial to address the more well-known critical vulnerabilities instead of tackling the latest headline grabbing vulnerability.

With 2018 behind us, it would be safe to say that the year has been one of the very worst on record in terms of the total number of data breaches.

Cyber-criminals have become masters of the darks arts, showing no remorse for their victims or any care for the sectors they have targeted. The past year has seen some of the biggest data breaches, including the recent assault against major airline Cathay Pacificwhich suffered the worst data breach in the aviation industry, with more than nine million customers reported to have been affected.

With cyber-crime showing no signs of decline, organisations need to focus on making their networks more resilient to fend off determined hackers and this all starts by having a proactive stance on cyber-security.

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SC media outpost24Putting security in context with a risk-based approach

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