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News: To the left, why web application security should be shifting to the left...

Simon Roe, Product Manager Outpost24
Security teams struggle to contain web application vulnerabilities or find the time to patch them because organisations adopt DevOps processes without considering how and where security should be applied.

It is estimated the average enterprise has over 400 custom applications integrated and deployed to help their business function, engage with customers and distribute information. Many of the applications harvest data through DevOps, the cloud and other Big Data technologies which enable the business to make informed decisions based on trends and patterns identified from the information gathered. 

However, with speed and agility getting preferential treatment, security is often brought in at too late a stage to be effective enough. Therefore, if you think of the DevOps cycle as a timeline of events, security needs to shift to the left and be introduced at an earlier stage.

Web application Issues

This isn’t a new phenomenon, but digital transformation has led many organisations to invest rapidly in additional layers of technology and applications, the rate of which has presented many with a common challenge: security. Hackers are more than aware of this issue; you only have to bare witness to the number of security breaches that can be attributed to exposed vulnerabilities within web applications that have made headlines over the past few years. 

Read the full article by Simon Roe, product manager at Outpost24 here:

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To the left, why web application security should be shifting to the left...


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