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News: UK Far Outstrips US in Penetration Tests

While 56 percent of UK companies have hired an outside organisation to undertake penetration tests to judge the security of their network, only 17 percent of US companies have done the same.

That’s according to a report by Swedish based cybersecurity analysts Outpost24 based on two surveys; one carried out at London’s Infosecurity Europe conference and another at San Francisco’s RSA, both in 2018.

Both, admittedly, had a pretty small sample size: The UK figures are from a survey carried out on 269 security professionals during Infosecurity Europe 2018. While the US number are based on a survey of 155 security professionals at RSA 2018.

Commenting in the release of the two reports Bob Egner VP of products at Outpost24 said: “Ignoring a critical security incident is asking for trouble. The US regularly tops the list of most attacked countries, so security professionals should be taking this threat very seriously and doing all they can to minimise their attack surface,” he added.


Read the full comment from Bob Egner:


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