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News: Products with unpatched vulnerabilities knowingly shipped to meet deadlines

Bob Egner, Head of Product
A third of organisations are cutting corners on security in order to make product launch deadlines, by shipping products that they know have unpatched vulnerabilities.

This is according to a survey of security professionals by Outpost24. 34% of those surveyed admitted their organisations had bypassed security to get products out to market faster.

The survey also found a worrying lack of faith in customers to patch such vulnerabilities, with 64% stating that they believe their customers could easily be hacked due to unpatched vulnerabilities in their organisation’s products and applications.

Carried out at Infosecurity Europe in June this year, the study took the opinions of 300 security professionals.

It also found that 29% of participants were not sure or didn’t believe their organisation’s products and applications would do well if there was a security breach test carried out on the business.

Unpatched vulnerabilities are putting customers at risk of breaches

The practice of shipping products with unpatched vulnerabilities is particular concerning given that a recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations report that found these caused data breaches in 27% of organisations last year.

“Our study shows that even despite continuous warnings, organisations today are still leaving their customers at risk because of a failure to address security vulnerabilities in products before they are introduced to market,” said Bob Egner, vice-president of Outpost24.

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verdictProducts with unpatched vulnerabilities knowingly shipped to meet deadlines

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