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News: Millions of security alerts hindering detection capabilities of IT pros

More than one in four security professionals at enterprises receive over a million security alerts every single day, which not only makes it impossible for them to analyse each of them but also to separate critical security incidents from hundreds of thousands of false positives.

"Outsourcing services like penetration testing can be an excellent way to get a holistic overview of the cyber security exposure across an organisation’s assets as well as expose threats within systems that may well have gone unnoticed.

"To maximize the value of testing investment, remediation action should be taken as close to the time of testing as possible. With the proliferation of connected technologies, the knowledge and resource gap continue to be key challenges. Security staff can easily become overwhelmed and lose focus on the remediation that can be most impactful to the business," said Bob Egner, vice president at Outpost24.

Read the full article from Jay Jay:

teiss logo  Millions of security alerts hindering detection capabilities of IT pros

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