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News: Instagram accidentally leaks private data of major influencers

Martin Jartelius
Instagram has accidentally leaked the private information of 49 million of its users, including major influencers and bloggers.

A huge database containing details about celebrities, influencers and brand accounts was recently discovered online and anyone could access it.

Martin Jartelius, CSO of cyber assessment company Outpost24, said: “The latest incident affecting Instagram seems to be a supply chain security issue, where one of the social media platform’s suppliers failed to apply security to a database of Instagram accounts.

“However, even though the incident didn’t happen within Instagram’s own network, it doesn’t make the company any less responsible.”

“When an organization needs to outsource or run a partnership with a third party, it’s their responsibility to ensure it does not put their customer data at risk. They must understand how the data will be held and ensure the third party’s security standards are equal to their own.”

Read the full comment from Martin Jartelius here:

new york post logo  Instagram accidentally leaks private data of major influencers

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