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How do we take web application security seriously?

Simon Roe, Product Manager Outpost24
Throughout my tenure in cybersecurity, one aspect of digital transformation has repeatedly suffered neglect, writes Simon Roe

All too often, I am asked: “where are our web applications and how secure are they?” However, if you are asking this question, then it is already too late. Breaches continue to happen though web application vulnerabilities. In fact, according to research by Verizon, 43 per cent of data breaches are the direct result of application vulnerabilities. This concerning figure becomes more worrying when you consider the fact that this is more than double the number of the previous year. One needs to look no further than the notorious cybercriminal group, Magecart for proof of how dangerous these attacks can be. In 2018, British Airways was served a fine of $230 million for insubstantial security controls on its web applications. As a result of inadequate security, a Magecart attack breached the payment data of nearly 400,000 BA customers.

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professional security logo How do we take web application security seriously?

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