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News: Hackers choose subtler approach

Martin Jartelius
C-level executives – who have access to a company’s most sensitive information, are now the major focus for social engineering attacks. That’s according to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

As the report puts it, senior executives under pressure quickly review and click on emails; or have assistants managing email on their behalf, making suspicious emails more likely to get through. The increasing success of social attacks such as business email compromises (BECs), can be linked to the unhealthy combination of a stressful business environment, with a lack of focused education on the risks of cybercrime, the tech firm suggests.

A growing trend to share and store information within the cloud is exposing companies to security risks, the report found; it saw a substantial shift towards compromise of cloud-based email accounts via the use of stolen credentials. Ransomware attacks are still going strong: and account for nearly 24 percent of incidents where malware was used. Ransomware has become so commonplace that it is less frequently mentioned in the specialised media unless there is a high profile target.

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professional security logoHackers choose subtler approach

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