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News: Data Breach Reports To The ICO Increase By 75%

Bob Egner, VP at Outpost24
It has been revealed that data breaches are up 75% in two years, finds a report from the Information Commissioner (ICO). The report, which used data gathered under the Freedom of Information Act, found most data breach cases to be applicable to human error in some way.

Bob Egner, VP at Outpost24:

“This level of increase comes as no surprise, and correlates well with the security practices we encounter when working with our clients.  The most secure companies we work with today have put a clear focus on creating a “culture of security awareness” that extends beyond the obligatory security and privacy training.  These organizations have made security a key element in a variety of everyday tasks – from how meetings are conducted to employee performance reviews.  When this approach is combined with appropriate technology, the organization can keep better control of their information without focusing on “who is responsible for the data breach.”

The impact to business and reputation have been well publicized, but many organization are not making the investment required before an unfortunate incident occurs – in spite of GDPR.  In fact, we see early signs that theft of “low value” data suddenly becomes “high value” when the attacker turns to blackmail with stolen information.  The victim feels compelled to pay just to avoid the GDPR penalty.”

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