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News: Cloud Security Essential: Make Penetration Testing Constant

Outpost24's Bob Egner Talks Application Security, Agile Development, SecDevOps
Cloud Security Essential Make Penetration Testing Constant

As more organizations move their operations into the cloud, they need to review how they're securing their data, preferably before moving a single piece of information, says Outpost24's Bob Egner.

"What we find is that many organizations are investing in new technology faster than they're thinking about the security implications," he says.

At the same time, the top application security threats facing organizations, as documented by the OWASP Top 10, haven't changed, he notes. Clearly, something needs to change.

In a video interview at the recent Infosecurity Europe conference in London, Egner discusses:

  • The business case for continuous penetration testing;
  • The prevalence of security spending only happening after an organization suffers a breach;
  • The rise of secure DevOps, aka SecDevOps, and the security challenges that accompany agile development.

Watch the full video on the link below:

gov info security logo Cloud Security Essential: Make Penetration Testing Constant

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