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News: Airbnb Customers Hit With GDPR Phishing Scams

Martin Jartelius
In response to the news that Airbnb customers are being targeted with GDPR-related phishing scams, IT security experts at ESET and Outpost24 commented below

Bob Egner, vice-president at Outpost24 told SC Media UK: “One of the reasons that these systems are being compromised is the security hygiene best practices are not being followed.  From the work we do with our customer base, it's not the case that the security team is falling short on assessment of known assets. Rather, it's that the business is making more technology decisions and purchases without including the security team in the process. It's difficult to monitor and patch the systems you don't know you own.”


See full article below:

SC media outpost24 Cryptojacking hits hundreds of high level Drupal sites

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