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News: 20/20 security vision: seeing the future clearly

Bob Egner, Head of Product
Predictions of cybersecurity challenges for the next year and decade.

As digital transformation continues to change the face of business, enterprises globally are under mainstream pressure to tighten their cyber-defence as they migrate business-critical applications to the cloud and become more application centric. We are finally seeing an increase in resources for underappreciated security teams as they struggle to address the rising frequency of data breaches, and the seemingly constant barrage of new data regulation.

This article will outline some key trends and threats that should be high on any CISO’s agenda for 2020. By predicting future trends, security teams will be able to deliver better cyber-hygiene through a proactive multi-layered defence.

Regulation sets the bar:

The Californian Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went live on January 1st, setting the tone of regulatory compliance for the coming decade. This act has been dubbed the American counterpart to GDPR, applying to practically any enterprise conducting business in California. Failing to comply with regulation doesn’t just put your customer’s data at risk, it will also result in hefty fines. The introduction of CCPA will no doubt catch enterprises of all size off guard and 2020 will most likely see many cases of regulatory incompliance, confirming the fact that you shouldn’t wait until regulation is set in stone before securing critical data. Indeed, this decade will most likely see many other states follow California’s example as data and privacy rise to the forefront of policy discussions.

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