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Network Security

Network Security
In the race to security flaws, be the first to find them. Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your infrastructure security.
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Vulnerability Management for Network Security

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated threats to your business. To stop them from disrupting your business, you have to understand your weak points first.

At Outpost24, we prepare you with vulnerability management (VM) tools and act as an extension of your team to evaluate your infrastructure and assess risk inside and out. Together we can shift the security mentality to a proactive mindset that quickly moves you from vulnerability identification to remediation.

Reasons to improve your VM solution:

  • In doubt about your security posture or risk level
  • Want to build a culture of “security awareness” with audience-specific trends and insights
  • Limited staff and resources, or security expertise
  • Unsure about the value from your current VM and your ability to translate findings into remediation
  • Current VM does not play well with other security and operations technology ecosystem
What our clients say

3 out of 4 Outpost24 Vulnerability Management clients reduced security flaws by at least 50%

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Internal Network Security
HIAB (hacker-in-a-box) is an automated, internal network scanner that enables organizations to assess and manage their internal vulnerabilities. Quickly and easily implemented, HIAB identifies vulnerabilities across servers, workstations and other devices. With HIAB, scans and data are stored within the system, ensuring that data never leaves your internal network.
Outscan - Products & Services
External Network Security
OUTSCAN is an automated SaaS security scanner that enables organizations to diagnose their external network vulnerabilities and secure sensitive data. OUTSCAN examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and inventories actionable remedies, effectively preventing cyber criminals from penetrating your network. By alerting you immediately upon detection of new threats, you remain in control and can maintain business continuity.

OUTSCAN for external management and HIAB for internal management

As your digital needs and capabilities grow, so should your vulnerability management. Digital transformations like cloud migration or introducing mobile devices make your network that much more complex, thus growing the number of possible vulnerabilities. Protect your intellectual property inside and out by being proactive about your protection.

Focuses on solutions not problems

Solution-based reports provide actionable advice about improving security

One-size fits all

Scale up and down to build an optimal solution for any sized business

Access your data, your way

Secure your data in our data center or meet data sovereignty requirements with your private systems

Here for you when you need us

Reach out with any questions at any time of day all year round

Low-impact, low-effort scanning

Scanning-less scans highlight vulnerabilities when continuous scanning isn’t possible

Built for you, by you

You can define and implement efficiencies based on the unique needs of your business

Web App Security
Tech evolves at a high-octane pace. Ensure your app security keeps up.
PCI Compliance
Credit payments are quick and hassle-free. Compliance checks should be too.
Managed Services
Outpost24 Managed Services help organizations achieve Vulnerability Management Success

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