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Managed Services

Managed Services
Our Managed Services Team help organizations identify and manage full stack cyber exposure
Let our experts guide you to success

Our team of security experts is best equipped to get organizations up and running with Outpost24 technology quickly. Based on industry best practices our services provide operational support from the configuration of the technology and scheduling scans to expert review of results and ongoing monitoring.

Managed Services Solutions at four levels: 

Basic Solution

This offer is best suited for small to medium sized organizations looking to get basic parameters for a vulnerability management program in place. With 15 years of VM experience, our team will ensure best practice set-up and configuration of the Outpost24 tools. Outpost24 team will maintain the program and notify customers of high risk vulnerabilities.

Advanced Solution

This offer combines best practices set-up, configuration and implementation of Outpost24 technology, with expert analysis of scan results on a monthly or quarterly basis. The Advanced MS offering is perfect for an organization looking for a firm understanding and analysis of their scanning results, in relation to their organizational goals and objectives.

Customized Solution

For organizations with a complex network set up, widespread geographic distribution, or unique organizational goals, we are able to offer a fully customizable solution tailored specifically to our customers’ needs.

PCI 11.2

For organizations looking for the fastest, most reliable way to achieve PCI compliance, our PCI 11.2 Managed Services are a great for organizations looking to meet these requirements quickly and ensure quality.
Securing Icelands largest bank from scanning to business risk management
“...when releasing new services Outpost24 will help us to verify and secure that all new functionality is secure and up to date with all security patches.”
Since 2010, Arup has been building their proactive security measures with Outpost24

“Outpost24 in a league of their own in the vulnerability scanning arena”


Combine the best of both worlds for speed, accuracy, and depth in an agile DevOps process.
Penetration Services
Manual testing by experienced and knowledgeable ethical hackers
Appsec Scale
Continuously test your applications for faster business results.
PCI Compliance
Credit payments are quick and hassle-free. Compliance checks should be too.
Internal Network Security
Identify vulnerabilities across servers, workstations and other devices connected to the network.
External Network Security
Effectively preventing cyber criminals from penetrating your network.

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