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Getting started guide

Getting started
Find answers to your questions here.
User Interface Guide
An overview of the interface and functions in our products.

Vulnerability Management for Network Security

How to download HIAB
Follow these 6 steps to download HIAB.
HIAB 64-Bit Enrollment
The main purpose of this document is to aid the HIAB Enrolment process.
Reporting Tools
This document contains information about how to generate reports.
Manage Users
How to create and administrate users in the system.
Manage Targets
This document contains information on how to manage targets of defined IP’s and target groups.
The ticket module is used to manage vulnerability assignments. Learn how to assign tickets to users, define priorities and set deadlines.
Auditing Guide
A Setup Guide to Manage Auditing, see what changes has been made in the system, such as; users logging in and out, targets created, scans started, and more.
Scan Scheduling
How to create and configure scheduled scans.
Event Notification
How to setup email notification such as when a Scheduled Scan is completed.
Scanning-Less Scan
This administration guide will assist you when installing and configuring Scanning-Less Scanning (SLS) available for Outpost24 products, ensuring you benefit from all features.
AWS Scanning with Outscan
As more companies are moving their IT Infrastructure to cloud based services, there seems to be an assumption that the cloud provider will secure the service, However, it is the responsibility of the user to secure all services within that.

Web Application Security

SWAT - User Interface
This document is meant to provide you with a quick overview of the graphical user interface of the Outpost24 Secure Web Application Tactics (SWAT).
Appsec Scale - User Guide
The main purpose of this document is to provide users a comprehensive overview of the portal interface of APPSEC SCALE

Product demos

Manage targets
This tutorial shows the management target module.

Reporting Tools
This tutorial shows the reporting tool module.

Scan Scheduling
This tutorial shows the scan schedule module.

Event notification
This tutorial shows the event notification module.


Technical Support 24/7
We provide 24/7 support at no additional cost for all our customers to ensure every customer gets the technical expertise they need, on-demand, by qualified technology and security experts.

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