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FIC 2018

23 Jan 2018

1 Boulevard des Cités Unies
59777 Lille

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In 2020, global annual iP traffic should have reached 2.2 ZB and broadband speeds 47.7 mbps. Mobile devices and w
i-fi connections should account for  at least 2/3 of total iP traffic, and the number of devices connected to iP networks should be three times as high as the global population. This will only accelerate the spread and overlay of  interconnected infrastructures, digital services and information systems. This in turns will further blur the lines between internal and external networks, which are already being replaced with continuous chains of interdependent mesh connections.

We are entering the « hyperconnection » era, the age of « the internet of Everything », where people and machines are connected at all times and communicate continuously. This set-up as networks or networks of networks poses a real resilience challenge, in that it questions the capacity for systems to face the consequences of an attack or the failure on one link of the chain, and to resume business as normal. This new set-up also affects the organisation
and governance of our societies. Hence the need to adjust behaviours, practices, and security technologies, but also legislative and regulatory frameworks, In order to take into account this new environment and its impacts on our way of life. in the age of hyperconnection, cyber resilience relies on a systemic approach to security that involves individuals, processes and techniques alike.

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Louise Burman
Channel Manager

Stephane Konarkowski
Managed Services Program Director

Daan Dia
Senior Business Development Manager

FIC 2018

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