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Staying secure against potential cyber attacks

We’ve all been witnessing the horrifying events in Ukraine and how this has affected our global society. As this terrible situation continues, all of us at the Outpost24 Group are committed to supporting any organization affected by the crisis with access to our cyber assessment tools with no cost to tighten security posture and limit the risk of cyber-warfare on your business

How we support you during the Russia-Ukraine crisis

We are actively tracking new attack indicators associated with the conflict in Ukraine and Russia. For immediate assistance in the current emergency, Outpost24 is offering the following services on a complimentary basis:

Export report

Vulnerability scan

One off, in-depth vulnerability scanning of your network infrastructure to uncover vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts to limit your security exposure

Free threat intelligence scan

Real time threat intelligence

Monitor Russian hacking groups on the open, deep and dark web providing alerts and early warning signs about who and how they're targeting your business

Free external attack surface scan

Attack surface discovery

Scan your domain to discover unknown internet exposed applications with exploitable vulnerabilities to prioritize patching and enable proactive risk reduction 

We're here to help

free cybersecurity scan offerst

“We’re seeing the worrying effects the Russia-Ukraine crisis is having on our society. No governments and organizations should fail to prepare for the potential fallout as more sanctions are being imposed. At Outpost24 we want to support any business and government in their effort, by opening access to our security assessment tools and helping to reduce risk of any disruption during these uncertain times”.

Karl Thedeen, Outpost24 Group CEO

Existing customers (Outpost24, Blueliv and Specops) can complement their existing service with any of the offers above they aren't currently contracted for.

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