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Cloud and Container Security

Cloud and Container Security
Outpost24's acquisition of cloud infrastructure pioneer SecludIT adds innovative cloud, container, and virtualized security assessment capabilities to our full stack solutions.

Vulnerability Management in Cloud, Container and Virtualized Environments

Digital transformation is fueling widespread adoption of cloud computing, allowing organizations to leverage virtualized infrastructure and accelerate innovations. The cost advantages that cloud infrastructures offer is clear, but your approach to security may need to change to fit technology and process differences.  As you move workloads to the cloud, how can you assess infrastructure, application, and data security risks that might disrupt your business?
With the acquisition of SecludIT, Outpost24 provides innovative vulnerability assessment capabilities for organizations moving to the cloud, or into advanced containerized and virtualized architecture to help them maximize the benefit of cloud computing without compromising security and compliance.

Reason to improve your cloud security

  • Moving into cloud, virtualized or hybrid infrastructure
  • Deploying containerized applications into cloud infrastructure
  • Unsure about the risk levels of your cloud workloads and how to protect them
  • Want to improve security of your DevOps process and enable business agility
  • Limited internal skills and resource to handle container or distributed storage for Docker and Apache Hadoop 
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Online product view site FinancesOnline rate our product 8 out of 10 and crown us as the winner of the Rising Star and Great User Experience awards 2018

Online review awards

Elastic Workload Protector was praised for enabling users to easily get a “whole picture of your infrastructure and the threats that can affect your processes and operations.” Additionally, users also benefit from “faster and smoother” business operations.

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What SecludIT client says

SecludIT helps to foster trust in public cloud platforms by empowering customers to tighten their security, so reducing risks for ASP Serveur because we are in a multi-tenant infrastructure

ASP Serveur

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