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Wep App Security - Appsec Scale

Appsec Scale
Continuously test your applications for faster business results.

Application security has become a weak link for many organizations that are shifting their digital emphasis towards improved customer experience, streamlined internal processes, and efficient supply chains.  Frequent changes to applications, whether built by internal DevOps teams or sourced from commercial suppliers, means risk evaluation must shift towards continuous testing.

Appsec Scale delivers an automated web application security testing solution that compliments Outpost24 SWAT and PEN testing.  This production safe solution can easily onboard applications at scale, and continuously monitor their vulnerability profile.  In fact, the Appsec engine is the same as the one used in SWAT which means it learns as SWAT learns.  Combined with vulnerability management, Appsec Scale gives you a more complete view of  your application risk, all visible in one interface.

Appsec Scale runs in the cloud so there is zero deployment effort or time required to see, understand, and act on remediation advice to reduce the chance of business disruption.

Solution-Based Reporting
Extensive Vulnerability Information
24/7 Support

Benefits of Appsec Scale

  • Always available testing

Test continuously and accurately to maximize your coverage of web apps at scale with minimal impacts to operations, DevOps processes or production applications.

  • Intelligent technology

Appsec Scale uses the same appsec engine as SWAT, so it learns and improves detection the more SWAT is used.

  • Configurable load

You have control over the level of traffic, users, and depth of analysis so you can tune for maximum insight with minimal impact.

  • More than application testing

Appsec Scale includes analysis of the infrastructure on which the application runs using Outpost24 vulnerability management tools so you can think like a hacker and pivot to alternate attack paths in one place.

  • Unparalleled customer support 24/7

Includes customer support through email, phone or integrated directly in the tool, so you can get resolution to testing and operational issues from the experts who created it.

Get Started with Appsec Scale

Appsec Scale is a SaaS solution that can be activated immediately.  The solution is ideal for organizations of any size, and compliments SWAT  or PEN testing for business critical applications.  Your dedicated account manager can help you configure a complete solution to meet your business requirements and avoid business disruption.

As with all Outpost24 tools, personal, direct support is available 24/7.

For more information, questions, purchasing or evaluation, find your local sales office.


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