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WBENC Certified Women-Owned Cybersecurity Consultancy Business Partner Solutions Partners with Outpost24 to Deliver Full Stack Security Assessment Solutions

Outpost24’s continuous pen test capabilities further enhance BPS’s security offering by bringing next generation security testing for government and highly regulated Industries

Naperville, IL – July 08, 2020 - Outpost24, an innovator in identifying and managing cyber security exposure for developers, today announced a new partnership with the 15 year old Cyber Security Firm, Business Partner Solutions (BPS), the only women-owned security consultancy in the Southwest, to bring continuous full stack security assessment across infrastructure, web applications, cloud environments and wireless airspace for critical industries to tighten cyber exposure and maintain compliance status with minimal effort.

It is well known within the security industry that web applications are the number one attack vector for data breaches. This highlights the importance for organizations to frequently scan for vulnerabilities in their web applications and keep up with the latest patches, but also ensuring that the security of the infrastructure where the application is hosted is considered as part of the risk management program. The new partnership between Outpost24 and BPS will encourage federal states, local governments, and regulated industries to take an integrated approach to vulnerability management and application security and automate security testing across the web application development lifecycle to increase efficiency.

“As organizations are increasingly adding new web applications into their networks on a daily basis, they need to ensure they are not compromising security. This involves taking a ‘full stack’ approach which means security is built into every layer of the product stack, limiting the cyber risks faced by users. Additionally, research has also shown that the cost to correct vulnerabilities is much smaller at an early stage of the development process,” said the Head of Product, Bob Egner at Outpost24. “Our new partnership with BPS means their customers will be aware of security risks earlier on and will embrace secure be design principles, which will significantly improve web application security.”

BPS is a leading security consultancy and the sole woman-owned security company in the region which is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with a strong commitment when it comes to supporting women in technology and diversity. They have built a reputation for solving difficult security and compliance problems by delivering world-class solutions for the healthcare industry, public utilities, retail, finance, and other highly regulated industries. The partnership will allow them to further enhance their offering by providing next generation application testing giving a more complete view of web application with easy-to-understand reports covering threats, scenarios and mitigation actions.

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Outpost24 as it will help tackle a growing security issue many organizations are facing today. By integrating and automating security testing across the software development process and helping developers and security teams understand more about attack surface, so they can significantly reduce risks, save money and improve efficiencies,” said Katherine Bluma, Founder at BPS.

About Outpost24

Outpost24 is a leading cyber assessment company focused on enabling its customers to achieve maximum value from their evolving technology investments. By leveraging our full stack security insights to reduce attack surface for any architecture, Outpost24 customers continuously improve their security posture with the least effort. Over 2,000 customers in more than 40 countries around the world trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and container environments and report compliance status for government, industry sector, or internal regulations. Founded in 2001, Outpost24 serves leading organizations across a wide range of segments including financial and insurance, government, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing.

About BPS

Business Partner Solutions is a recognized leader in the IT risk, security, and compliance space that has served the United States on a national level for over 15 years. We act as a trusted advisor: listening, understanding and implementing solutions to our clients’ security problems. Our goal is to empower enterprises to achieve a business enabled defence-in-depth security posture, manage corporate risk, improve compliance, and attain proactive detection and prevention of security threats.

Working with talented security vendors allows us to bring you a multitude of solutions to your largest security problems. BPS stays informed on the latest IT security industry knowledge, including the development of new attacks and the new security processes required to fight them. We have the scope necessary to provide the solutions you need, and the support to make your goals a reality. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges.

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