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How it is like to work at Outpost24

Interview with Victoria Sigurdsson
The industry needs personal initiative

(Please see full article in Swedish below, the article is from Aktuell Säkerhet)

What challenges would the industry's young people put in focus and what advice will they give today's managers? Under the heading ‘Young in the industry’ meet colleagues at the start of their careers.

(Please see full article in Swedish below, the article is from Aktuell Säkerhet)

Victoria, what are you currently working on?

At Outpost24, I work in a very talented team, where we mainly test the security of business-critical web-based systems. When vulnerabilities are corrected, my task is to verify the implemented resolutions and provide the necessary experts and suggest additional solutions. It is a vital task, because the solutions sometimes introduces new vulnerabilities. When this occurs, it is imperative to convey the technology in such a way that is easy for the customer to understand, and so additionally, I act as technical sales support. As our vulnerability management solutions are becoming more and more popular, I have also had the opportunity to represent Outpost24 at various security conferences such as RSA in San Francisco, one of the world's largest security trade shows.

Why the cyber security industry?

It was not an obvious choice. I grew up in a small village outside Sölvesborg where technology has never been a major topic of conversation. It was mostly out of curiosity, but also because of a growing interest and mystery, I saw in this industry.

What do you think is unique within this industry?

It is flexible! Basically you can work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, not to mention the industry is truly awesome. The faster our use of technology changes and evolve, the faster the attackers are there to exploit the weaknesses through everything from denial of service attacks, to vulnerabilities in web applications or ransomware, to internal staff. It is our job to protect customers and detect deficiencies that could potentially lead to a disaster. To be able to do it in the best way, we need to think as the bad guys do, which is an interesting angle of it for us.

What does a average day at Outpost24 as a Web Application Analyst like?

It varies but usually it start at seven o'clock with a large coffee and a review of the nights email conversations. After we verify the fixes and implemented vulnerabilities of our customers. If this introduce new vulnerabilities we test and verifies these and then inform the customer. This is a continuous process that occurs throughout the day, to interact with the preparations for any client meetings. Part of the time is also placed on the examination and discussion of new vulnerabilities in various systems to gain an understanding of how they are constructed. At four o'clock, I pack my things and head home.

What do you see as vital for the industry to develop?

Personal initiative to make security an integral part of one's way of thinking and living. For the industry to develop, people need to understand the risks and what they can achieve. Nobody would store their money in a bank with a bad reputation for their physical safety, but if the same bank offers their services on a site it will decrease the number of people who make demands. They simply do not expect something to happen, but there is much more chance today that someone is trying to get your money from the site than by a physical robbery. Being a victim of an attack in which confidential data leaks, cost companies money and the confidence of its customers. This is what’s very important to understand. Today everything is stored digitally, so it is also imperative to protect their data.

If you were not working within security today, what would you be doing?

It is difficult to say, because that is exactly what I'm passionate about. But I would probably work within music, possibly as a violin teacher.

What’s it like to be young in the security industry?

To invest time in the security industry is just perfect timing! it is a market that is rapidly growing, and so opportunities are in ample supply. Being young here, is not as clear as in traditional business, it is a young industry with high recruitment needs. I am one among many young people. It is also an industry in which I, as a young person, have much room to grow, learn, and at the same time contribute to innovation.

What do you see yourself in 20 years?

I am certain I will be working within security, preferably abroad. But the possibilities as to what are endless. It’s a long time until then, anything can happen before we get there!

Victoria Sigurdsson - interview


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